Quality policy

While establishing, implementing, and maintaining a Quality Management System (hereinafter "QMS") which conforms with the JIS Q9001: 2008 (ISO9001:2008) international quality standard, below I present the three steps that make up our quality policy, based on our management policy, which are designed to allow us to continually improve QMS effectiveness and guarantee that what we offer conforms with customer contracts, laws, and other requirements.

Offer reliable support to the aging by discovering social needs, being open to the community, and providing living accommodations in familiar environments.

By becoming an integral part of the community, we will cooperate with local citizens and provide services as an organization that responds to the new needs of society.

Continuous improvement of the QMS

We will continuously improve our QMS in order to allow each of our customers to live as the individuals they are.

Follow the "4 C's + Thanks"

All our employees will behave in line with the "4 C's + Thanks" concept (communication, coordination, challenge, cleanliness, and thanks) in order to improve skills for responding to customer needs.